Mental Illness to Mental Health

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Mental Illness to Mental Health

Recovery.  Recover from a hospital bed to a life of happiness and promise.  From isolation room to community.  From dispair to satisfaction.  These are some of the hopes and dreams of a life free from the cursed diagnosis of insanity.  Dream of a life without the bonds of sickness in the mind.  A life considered normal is a aspiration.  We sit and wonder, why are there people without constraints in the mind?  Why are there people who have no mental illness?   What is a life without the halucination, delusions, disturbing thoughts and emotions.  Are the insane cursed?  Is sanity a blessing? 

Peer Support Specialists

Peer Support Specialists are State sponsored positions of responsibility to nurture and care for people suffering with mental illness. This is a strong stepping stone for people to make a sense of normalcy into a life disrupted by the devastation of the label and life path of a mental health diagnosis.  Click the blue text to get to the PSS site.

Drop in Centers / Clubhouses

We started a drop in center twenty years ago in 2003. It has been a safe haven in the midst of the storm for people suffering with mental health issues. MI consumers can drop in and social instead of the solitary isolation of a diagnosis. Our social club has a distinction. Every one there, either member or staff has a mental health diagnosis. We are all struggling with mental clarity, or emotional concerns. In an environment of inclusion we strive to create and nurture a better life for people on the outskirts of society.

Contact Information for MAC Michigan Association of Clubhouses

A professional association the MAC supports 50 Clubhouses around the State of Michigan.  The site is filled with club information and a directory including national organizations and sites like NAMI , SAMSHA and Social Security.  Michigan Association of Clubhouses is at MAC.   

Assertive Community Treatment

Assertive Community Treatment also known as ACT is a substitute for psychiatric hospitalization. It is considered a hospital in the community. ACT is a treatment method for people who are in psychiatric crisis and at risk of inpatient hospitalization. ACT is literally a team approach. The system is made up of several therapists who through teamwork intercede when psychiatric emergency is a threat to the freedom and liberty of an individual with emotional or mental aberrations of the mind. The team interacts on a regular basis with consumers.  The purpose is keeping people well. They do have the dreaded possibility of resorting to psychiatric hospitalization. The purpose is to keep a person from the confinement of a hospital situation by creating a hospital environment in an open, free community.
Sanilac CMH Website

Our Local CMH supplied the services mentioned above.  They also offer other programs for people suffering with Mental Illness.  Sanilac Services and Programs are listed in the Sanilac CMH Web Site.  This link will take you to the site.  There is a lot of information offered in this self produced Web Site.  Take a look at the present system for our county.

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